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As an agent I know first-hand how curb appeal adds instant value to real estate--infact it doesn't take much to make a big impact and create a great first-impression. A little planning and research is all you need. Here are some proven ideas to get you started.

Plant trees
Ever notice how the most expensive neighborhoods often have tree-lined streets and glorious gardens? Boulevard trees instantly create a sense of community and offer seasonal interest in the heart of our concrete cities. Check with your local garden centre for recommendations on hardy, durable varieties and campaign the neighbourhood to do a group planting of the same tree. The impact it will create will go far beyond curb appeal.
A fresh coat of paint does wonders to revive an otherwise desirable home. With an estimated return of 63-75% or more on your investment, giving the trim a fresh coat of white or rethinking your entire color scheme will make a big difference in your resale value. Make sure you choose products that are environmentally friendly and consult your local recycling depot on the disposal of empty your empty cans.
Decks and Patios
Building a deck or patio offers extra living space especially in milder climates. Using a built-in fire pit or other heat source also increases the usability of the space through out several seasons. A post-war bungalow can turn into a dreamy cottage simply by adding an old-fashion veranda. Turn a large family home into an entertainment escape with a large wooden deck and an outdoor BBQ kitchenette. The ideas are endless; the impact is priceless.
Planting a low-maintenance or carefully thought out garden can offer homeowners a return of up to 75% on their landscape investment. Not only does this increase curb appeal and add to the overall look and feel of the home but is also can serve as a wonderful focal point. Choose plants that provide seasonal interest and a food source for our feather friends and summer butterflies.
Hanging Baskets
Nothing says summer like a cascade of annual blossoms swaying over the porch on a gentle breeze. Whether you make your own or purchase pre-made baskets, these bounties of color create a beautiful dreamy look for anyone’s home.
New Drive Way or Paths
Repaving your walkways and driveway is not a simple task, but it is a worthwhile consideration especially if you are considering reselling your home in the near future. Choose a reputable masonry company and be ware that if the price is too good to be true, the end result may be questionable. All reputable companies should guarantee their work and offer you with a list of past jobs you can drive by and inspect. Shop around and always be there while the work is being done. If you are not happy with the end result, never be too shy to say something in the moment.
Lawn Care
A rich swathe of green lawn is always an oasis to the senses. Keeping it that way is however often a battle. Grass needs high nitrogen but also a balance of other nutrients to glow apple green year round. It is often worth it to have a lawn care company come and assess your lawn’s health and make recommendations of its unique needs. Many companies offer this service for free with the hopes you’ll hire them to do the work. Shop around and see. If your lawn is that important to you, its worth the cost to get started on the right path.
Water Feature
You would be amazed how effective water features are at transforming the ordinary yard into a dreamy oasis. Whether you choose to invest in a pond and waterfall or install a simple freestanding or wall-mounted little fountain, adding the element of water to the garden serves more purposes than just visual. The trickle of water can help buffer the sound of heavy traffic from a nearby freeway, and will also attract a number of wildlife and birds to your yard even in the heart of the city. Get creative and see where you could add the element of water to your garden’s trouble spots.

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