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Laneway Housing

What is a Laneway House?

A laneway house, also known as a coach house or a carriage house, is a small secondary home built in place of a traditional one or two car garage.  They can be constructed in tandem with a new custom built home or post market on a property that has an existing main residence.  

Why build a Laneway House?

Laneway houses cannot be sold.  The primary applications for this type of residence are for: rental income/mortgage helpers, accommodation for adult children/extended family members/caregivers or a down-sized residence for those wanting to rent out their main house and travel.

Is my property eligible?

Currently, properties that are located in the RS-1 or RS-5 zones in Vancouver qualify for laneway houses.

Properties located in the City of North Vancouver qualify under the coach house zoning legislation.
Level-A Accessory Coach House Development Permit Guidelines

How much does a lane house cost?

Costs vary by lot (site specific) by design (square footage) and by interior and exterior fixtures and finishes chosen (cabinetry, flooring, siding insulation etc).  $200,000 to $300,000 is typical at current market rates.

If you are interested in building a laneway house, email, phone, or visit the City's Enquiry Centre to learn more about regulations and the approval process, and find out if your lot is eligible.

Enquiry Centre
2nd Floor
2675 Yukon Street
(11th at Yukon)
Phone: 604-873-7611